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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is the 'lockbar'?
This is part of the novel design that forms the main part of the patent & it is the high security component within the ParcelPod that makes it so difficult to break into, it works by applying the tangental forces from the opening of the chute to the lockbar in the closed position at such an angle so that the applied force works in oposition to further 'lock' the lid/chute from opening any further.

How does the "anti-delve" device actually work?
The patented anti delve device can best be explained by looking at the diagram on our Product page. When a piece of mail is placed into the Parcelpod, it drops and because of the patented "chute" mouth, prevents someone from delving in too far to try and hook your mail out.

What makes it different from other products?
The Parcelpod was designed not just for looks and practicality, but with the emphasis on security for your mail. It is made from high grade heavy duty steel, not the thin sheet aluminium of some inferior products. This is a heavy product (32Kg for the Deluxe) and when fixed to the property will mean it is a highly secure product. The Parcelpod is engineered for durability as well as practicality.

How Secure is the Parcelpod?
The locks we use are insurance grade 7 lever 'Safelocks'  and this means that it is near impossible to crowbar open. This is our best-selling product, and we are proud to say is used by Essex Police. Parcel Pod will keep your parcel-safe.

How Many Parcels will it hold?
This depends on the type of products your are ordering. The cubic capacity of the Deluxe parcelpod is 1.6 cubic M and will hold numerous parcels/padded envelopes and mail. It will ensure that anything you are currently not being able to get through your letterbox should get comfortably fit in the Parcelpod. We have found that 90% of packages fit in the Deluxe.

What Parcelpod is best suited to my needs?
We ask you to assess what your current needs are. If you tend to order a lot od CDs/DVDs, small boxes or packages that tend to be delivered in the padded envelopes, the Compact Parcel Pod should be adequate for most of your needs. On the other hand, if you are an avid internet shopper and would like Parcelpod to allow you the freedom of doing more, then the Deluxe will cover your needs, from the padded envelopes, standard mail right through to the packages and boxed parcels!

How is it fitted?
Both sizes of Parcel Pod come with full fitting instructions and the necessary fixings to do so. We recommend for maximum security that Parcelpods are bolted (using the bolts fixings supplied) to the wall. Despite being weighty for someone to lift, bolting them to the property makes for very secure device. Someone with basic DIY skills should be able to fit this in a matter of minutes.

Do I have a choice of Colours?
Yes, we currently manufacture Parcelpods in black or red as standard as we find these are the most popular colours and fit in with most property décor. However, should we have a number of requests for a particular colour we are of course happy to consider it!

Can I take my Parcelpod with me when I move house?
Yes, it can easily be unbolted (assuming you fitted it to the property) and be taken with you when you moved house. I think you will find the new owners would be very pleased if you left it as we are increasingly fining word of mouth recommendations from people who have seen our products. If you do decide to treat yourself to a new one, or recommend a friend, we will be happy to offer you Marks & Spencer voucher of  £5.00 for every recommendation resulting in an order. Please email us to let us know on sales@parcelpod.com.